Estate Planning

At Mountain West Insurance Agency we recognize the necessity of complete estate planning.  We have numerous relationships with top estate planning attorneys across the country.  We also specialize in helping high net worth clients fill in the gaps where other estate planning tools fails to do so.   Life insurance has proven to be an extremely effective tool in many cases. 

Examples include:

  • Available cash to settle debts, burial expenses, as well as the cost of final illnesses.
  • Cash to settle estate tax issues which eliminates the possibility of government mandated sales. 
  • “Equitable” treatment if parents choose to pass the business or farm to a more suited son or daughter.  This prevents businesses or farms from being split into smaller units of uneconomical size to accomplish equal division among heirs.  This solution prevents the operating heir from needing to buy out the interests of other heirs.  These buy out’s often lead to inability of the business\farm to maintain profitability.
  • Income replacement or deficiencies that come from loss of pension or regular paychecks.  
  • Create an estate where one would otherwise not exist.

For more information on how Mountain West Insurance Agency can help you with your estate planning needs, click here and fill out the following form.  We will have a representative contact you to give you a personalized assessment of your finances.

Mountain West Estate Planning